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The Comeback 2021 Walkathon

2,750 New Yorkers would go hungry without the food supplementation from the Father's Heart Ministries. Since the COVID-19 pandemic brought NYC to a standstill in March of 2020, we’ve seen a nearly 30% increase of guests seeking assistance. Although the city has started to reopen with some degree of normalcy, our climbing guest count and dozens of new guests each week, reflect the reality that people really do still need the food. Our communities were disproportionately affected by the pandemic and are still without resources and methods of recovery. We are also seeing more people on disability and we know that anyone on a fixed income needs food supplementation and other resources. No human being should be denied access to the basic necessity of food and you can be a part of helping us ensure that no one is left behind.

Many in our city are anticipating a comeback and wondering what it will look like for them. Among all the many challenges to be faced, a lack of food for themselves and their families should not be one of them. Neither should the ability to manage finances or be unemployed and/or unemployable. And we know that our children and teens will need social and emotional help to strengthen them for the academic year ahead.


Here are some things we are doing to ensure a healthy comeback:

  • ESL and GED tutoring is ongoing through the summer in person and online.


  • The Men’s Transition Program will resume with in-person activities.


  • We are establishing a social services table to refer guests to available services.


  • A Financial Literacy 4-week course will be held online several times a year.


  • Developing more enrichment opportunities in KidZone.


  • Alphabet Scoop – our teen job training and employment program.


We are committed to doing all that we can to ensure our guests have a healthy comeback but we need your help! Won’t you join our walkathon on Sunday, October 3rd to help us raise the funds we need to ensure a healthy comeback for all New Yorkers? If you’re not able to walk, won’t you thoughtfully consider a tax-deductible donation that you’d be willing to pledge to give? Your contributions make a tangible daily difference in the lives of your neighbors across New York City and your generosity will not go unnoticed. Thank you for being such a valuable member of our community and for your ongoing support to be the change we all long to see in our city.


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