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Time: 6PM - 7PM

Location: 545 E. 11 Street, NY, NY 10009

The primary goal of KidZone is to provide free meals to hungry children, teens, and their family members in our community. KidZone is also an after-school, open recreation program where we offer programs in a safe environment. Children, youth, and their families are involved in educational, recreational, and social activities.

KidZone addresses the physical, social, recreational, cultural, and cognitive needs of the children and teens in our community. These activities include arts and crafts, socializing through games, homework help and tutoring, literacy building, nutrition education, Robotics, and financial literacy. We also host holiday and birthday parties and endeavor to bring enrichment through these celebrations.

KidZone is active on non-holiday Tuesdays when school is in session, mirroring public school schedules. Our schedule is slightly different for the 2023-2024 school year; please reach out for more details.


To learn more about or volunteer with KidZone, click here to email Miranda Jones.



  • To create a safe environment where all children can participate in activities while providing a nutritious hot meal.

  • Teach children how to make good nutritional choices.

  • Help children choose against violence and prejudice.

  • Draw parents towards receiving necessary help through programs such as ESL, free legal aid, GED preparation class and Food Stamp pre-screening/advocacy.

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