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LOCATION: The Father's Heart Ministries - 543-545 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10009

DIRECTIONS: Take the L train to 1st Ave. Walk south on 1st Ave and make a left on East 11th Street. Walk 1.5 avenues until you reach 543-545 East 11th Street. (Google Maps

ON-SITE PHONE NUMBER: 212-375-1765


  • Program hours: 7:30 am – 11:30am, with Volunteer Orientation at 8:00 am. 

  • Special Instructions: We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, and clothing that you do not mind getting soiled. Please wash your hands upon arriving and be prepared to wear a face mask and gloves.  We'll provide you with a mask and gloves.

  • Special Policies: We are not responsible for any valuables brought into our building, so we encourage Volunteers to only bring the necessities.

  • Arrival time is  7:30 am, volunteers who arrive later than 8:30 am, will be sent home.

  • We are required by some of our funders to have a Child Protection Policy in place, which prohibits us from using volunteers 13 years and under. So we ask no children under 14 be brought to volunteer.

  • We DO NOT allow photographing of our guests, but we DO permit volunteers to take pictures of each other serving, of the facility, and our line outside.

  • Regular Volunteer: A volunteer must take our Serving with the Father's Heart classes in order to become a Regular Volunteer.   A Regular Volunteer can contact the Volunteer Coordinator whenever he or she is available to serve.  HOWEVER, it is up to the Volunteer Coordinator to decide whether or not the Regular Volunteer is needed for that particular date. 

  • Waivers: Every volunteer is required to sign a waiver. We will be unable to allow a person to volunteer who does not sign a waiver. Here is a link to our online waiver.

  • Arrival: When your group arrives at our facility, there will be a Volunteer Check in Desk, where your volunteers will be signed in, given a name tag and further instructions.

  • We offer coffee, juice and muffins while volunteers wait for Orientation to begin.

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