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Father's Heart NYC-Hope Stories



That is the one word Tynicole used to describe The Father’s Heart Ministries.


Below, the long-time guest shares her challenges and how FHM has provided ongoing emotional and practical support. She expressed gratitude for FHM’s staff and volunteers, particularly during difficult times, highlighting the importance of having a supportive community. She described her experience as one filled with positivity and encouragement and how FHM’s core values of love and acceptance have changed her perspective on life.

How did you first hear about The Father’s Heart Ministries, and how would you describe your life at that time?

It was about eight years ago. I remember my daughter was in first grade. A good friend of mine—her daughters and mine went to the same school—who is still a regular at the Father’s Heart told me about KidZone. She told me they gave out food pantry bags. She said we could eat there and that sometimes, they serve pizza and give you a bag of food when you’re leaving. And so I was like, okay, let me try it out. So one day I went with her on a Tuesday. And that was it; my daughter and I have been going almost every Tuesday since. And then right away, when I heard about their GED classes, I signed up. I’m still working my way to taking the test. With work and being a single mom, it’s not always easy. 


I’ve always been going through something, you know. But at that point in my life, I was still trying to heal my heart from the hurt from my daughter’s father—who was no longer in the picture and was not supporting us. I’ve always worked, but I struggled because I don’t work a full-time job and didn’t get child support when my child’s father was alive.


How would you describe your experience since being at The Father’s Heart Ministries?

I’ve always believed in God, but when I started coming to the Father’s Heart, my faith got stronger. It’s a loving place, and everyone there is so kind and helpful. 


Over the years, the pastors and volunteers have helped me in many ways. One time, they helped me with a housing issue when my landlord tried to overcharge me for something that wasn’t my fault. The pastors helped me call the management office and finally got the charges off my rent bill. Another time, with another housing issue, they put me in touch with their lawyer services (through Open Hands Legal Services) to help me figure out how to defend myself against the landlord. 


I would also say their prayer has changed things for me, too. The pastors have always prayed for me and my daughter. As a single mother with a teenager, there’s always been something we’ve been dealing with lately. From my daughter being bullied all the time at school and the school ignoring our cries for help to figuring out grief and depression and sometimes just being miserable, the pastors are always there for us. They never judge me or make me feel like my situation is my fault. It’s like life happens, and they’re there to help you. 


They are always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. Every time I go through something, they always show kindness. They always offer prayer—like right-away prayer. And the people who work there, too, are so friendly and helpful. It’s all just a blessing. 


The Father’s Heart has been a godsend—all of them. You know how you meet people in your life, and you never know that they’re going to be there for you? That’s how it feels. Even the volunteers who move out of the city still keep in touch. 


What would you say you’re most grateful for over the years?

The support. Being a single mom is not easy, and KidZone has been a large part of our lives for so long. I’m also thankful for all the beautiful people I’ve met there. They teach you about God, and that’s the best thing you could ever learn about. Before coming to the Father’s Heart, I had a relationship with God, but now it’s stronger because they showed me that prayer changes things. And it does. 


How would you describe The Father’s Heart Ministries to someone who has never been before?

It’s a place where you’ll meet very, very lovely and kind people when you come. It’s a palace where you’d have a good time with prayer and positivity. They have lawyers who can help you. They have a GED program with the teacher, Ms. Sandy—she is just so encouraging. Even when I feel like my mind is not focused, she’s still so kind. The pastors are lovely people. They live by Jesus’ teachings. They love everybody. They don’t discriminate against people. They don’t shun people. And that’s what Jesus says; that’s very important. 


Are there any lessons you’ve learned over the years from being part of the different programs?

I now know that God is always with you, no matter who you are. No matter what you’ve been through, He is there. That, this too shall pass. It’s just a very hopeful place. My daughter and I always look forward to going. 


I’ve seen it change my daughter, too. She is supposed to be in her ballet pointe class on Tuesdays after school, but she always goes to KidZone instead. She doesn’t like to miss it. It’s helped her mental health, especially with all she’s been going through as she’s been healing. KidZone has been a big part of that. 


This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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