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Restoration Day Program

This is a two-day a week program that provides life skills, specific job skills, nurturing, counseling and prayer to men and women who are homeless or for one reason or another are free during the day.  It is designed to restore dignity and hope for the future while providing the training in life and job skills that will enable them to get on a path to independence.

The Restoration Day Program is modeled after an informal effort we had that produced great results.  A few years ago, we recruited men from our soup kitchen to help us bring in the large food deliveries we need each week.  During the process of working informally with the men, providing a structured work environment and community, meals, celebrating birthdays, helping them to access social services, they began to change.  Over time and with the assist they received from this ministry, all eight are no longer homeless!

The Restoration Day Program was launched in July 2014 by Pastor Perry Hutchins who also spearheaded the informal effort.



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